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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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soon replace the aging fleet. the state is looking into insurance billing patients for transporting them to hospital. tax dollars fund operations, but that source of revenue is trying up. as many as eight state agencies could team up for a study of billing patients. >> why do you oppose the concept? >> people in maryland have this service and pay for a different way. if we can do about encumbering insurance policies, i'm for that. >> the september 2008 fatal clash -- fatal crash help to expedite the upgrade. it recommended operations decertified under 135 of the operations. this provides that the option to bill patients. >> dislike ambulances are picked
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up by insurance companies, why should the air transport not look at the idea insurance companies should pay this as part of the benefit. the question is can that replace making sure we don't have additional fees? the fund is running out of dollars and -- in a relatively short matter. >> these are arguably the most expensive helicopters on the market. safety features include night vision capability and advanced instrument flight ratings. a key lobbying point has long been the fact that patients are not billed. that argument has been successfully used year after year to keep companies from taking over the service. it gives the states the option of keeping the accreditation. that means caring to paramedics on board. but because money is so tight, a decision to hire has been pushed back.
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insurance billing patients is not a done deal. >> i think it will be good for everyone to sit down and lay all of that out and talk about whether it's a direction we want to go or not. >> the issue is so complex and generates seven questions that those that would be involved in the study have until next january to submit findings. >> also in annapolis, lawmakers are weighing a proposal that would release some prisoners back onto the streets in -- enough that an entire facility could be closed. staffing could also be reduced. lawmakers are concerned about finding the $700 million it takes to support the divisions of corrections operations. you can learn more about the proposal and other bills by going to and clicking on politics. >> fears of a nuclear meltdown in japan have prompted the u.s. to authorize the first evacuation of americans out of
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the country. the nuclear regulatory commission says this decision was based on the risk of radioactive contamination. let's go live to washington for the latest. >> the un says the situation is very serious but not deteriorating at this point. president obama says americans and japan need to be prepared. >> they spoke at the japanese embassy in washington and said the u.s. is bringing all sources to bear to protect american citizens in japan. they sought to reassure americans at home. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the u.s., whether it is that west coast, why, alaska or u.s. territories. >> at the nuclear plant, crews have been scrambling, using helicopters and cannons to
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douse the reactor with thousands of gallons of water. but it's difficult to know whether it's working. >> we believe it will help to cool down the fuel. however, we are not able to access the site. >> the first evacuations fled to tokyo today and more flights are being arranged. >> we are not forcing them to go anywhere, but we will tell them we have a flight. >> those stuck without transportation -- the nuclear rhetoric commission said has a team of technical experts working round-the-clock with the japanese government to cool the reactors. >> this is something that will likely take some time to work through, possibly weeks as a deadly you remove the majority of the heat from the reactors. >> as a precaution, the president has ordered a
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comprehensive review of nuclear reactors here in the u.s.. >> the disaster in japan is creating a ripple effect through the economy. there is concern that could affect cars made in japan and greatly reduce the number of supplies body shops are receiving. >> it is basic economics. japan is not right now able to fully supply the demand america has for its cars and parts. we are learning this is not just a japanese car problem. whether it is nissan, korea, honda or beyond, the store is -- the story is similar for japanese car dealers leigh baltimore. >> right now there's a pretty good availability. the production from 90 days and beyond that is the big question. >> since the tsunami, many automotive factories have shut down production for at least into next week. hybrid models are made in japan
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and the salesman here just learned the plant that makes the fuel-efficient cars was wiped out. adding to the supply issues that high gas prices have helped create. >> it will get to the point where we have to order them and wait several months for them to come in. >> the majority of models are made at u.s. plants due to a delay getting parts that come from japan. >> everyone has questions about how japan is going to impact the american market. we don't know. as of right now, we are ready to do business. >> from buying cars to repairing them, body shop and car owners will feel the impact. >> right now, the biggest thing we will see is prices increasing and availability getting more difficult. >> this company specializes in foreign car repairs. they say it could become a global problem with many of the
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vital electronics in cars being made in japan. >> all of these computers and brains will be difficult to get. one way or another, the manufacturers will look to solve the problem that we have, but it will not be as smooth and easy as it is now. >> later today, they will get the first piece of evidence that this is affecting production of american cars. general motors is announcing a will suspend production due to part tickets from japan. >> we will take you inside the nuclear reactors to see what is damaged and destroyed and all the structures work. also, keep yourself safe from nuclear disaster. that's all at the u.s.s. comfort has not been helped to ask what the disaster in japan. the ship left baltimore as part of its continuing promised
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mission. the national ticket to nine countries in central and south america as well as the caribbean. the cover will stop in haiti where the crew spent several weeks providing aid to nations following the earthquake last year. the crew will provide a wide range of services to 100,000 people over the next few months. >> everyday is a new challenge. every time you see someone come aboard and leave the ship it's great. >> they have no worries from the time they're there. >> the first stop will be there to pick up supplies. >> the maryland state prosecutor has sent subpoenas to john leopold seeking is scheduled going back to 2008. a spokesman said the subpoenas are part of the prosecutor's investigation of the county executive security detail. that consists of five county police department records.
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those officers made nearly $86,000 in overtime last year. an attorney for those numbers as they are negotiating for an medial for his clients. beaten by police -- that's how one baltimore mother says her teenager and a badly the emergency room. we spoke with the family earlier today. >> the mother says she's sick and tired of her son being bullied. she says at all came to have it yesterday when her son came home from school with a black eye. she says to make matters worse, the school system never told her about until hours after it happened. >> he said molly, you are going to protect me and nothing would happen. you tell me every morning that you love me and nothing is going to go wrong and nobody is going to bother you. i'm going to protect you. but i was not protected.
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as a mother, that hurts me. >> she says she's sick and tired of seeing her son, a sixth grader at the booker t. washington middle school get bullied as she says he was wednesday. she was not told about by school officials until the end of the day. >> i should've been called immediately. >> she tells us it was around 11:59 wednesday morning when a girl in his class told another boy to get him. so, his mother says, the boy hit her son in the eye. she says at 2:15, the assistant principal called her to say her son had been hit and would she like to pick him up or put him on the bus. thinking it was not serious, she said to put her son on the bus. when she got home, she was shocked. >> when i saw my son at 4:15, i cannot believe a bailout my child to be in school like that. >> he enrolled at booker t. this year and says since day one he has been picked on.
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he says whether in his special- education classroom or in the hallways, he faces physical and mental torment daily. >> they say i don't have no mother, that i don't got no family, i don't have not done. >> after reaching the breaking away, she pulled her son out of booker t. but is left wondering what to do next as she says she s.c. -- has received no direction, not one single call from the school system. >> my child is crying to me, money, why me? what did i do? >> city schools sent us a statement acknowledging the incident and saying baltimore city public schools take all physical altercation extremely seriously and expects schools to provide a safe and support of planned for all students. an investigation and hearings are under way meeting the student involved could it get suspension or expulsion.
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she says she's in the process of hiring an attorney. >> baltimore county police have charged a man with trying to kill his own mother. authorities say the 23-year-old choked his 47-year-old mother until she passed out. that is when he set a better bonfire. she was able to get out and is in critical but stable condition. jenkins is charged with attempted murder and arson and is being held without bail. >> stay with us. more coming your way. we have a look at how one local school is teaching kids about st. patrick's day. and island party in baltimore -- will take you to the day's events. >> an early upset in the and the
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place -- in the n.c.a.a. tournament takes a detour in kentucky. >> a beautiful day today, but we have rain in the seven-day forecast. first, a look at side -- a great evening and 64 at the airport. weather is next. weather is next. we
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the sound of spring... it's a symphony best appreciated... at full blast. the moment you've been waiting for has arrived. springs best event. from cadillac.
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with zero down, zero due and zero first month's payment on the exhilarating cadillac cts. but like the beauty of spring, it won't last long. >> bagpipe and irish dancing welcome students today. they say it's important to teach kids about st. patrick's who is hot -- who is credited with converting all of ireland to catholicism. students receive a prayer cards today as well. and if you are taking part in the celebration, don't drink and
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drive. authorities warned they will have extra patrols tonight. if you or someone you or note -- someone you know is drinking, you can use the tipsy taxi service. >> the beautiful spring weather may have been anticipating summertime, but if you can't wait, we may have found a solution. a taste of bermuda at the gallery at harbor place. the bermuda department tourism brought the island to baltimore to help folks escape to the warmer weather. highest beautiful beaches. the friendliest people in the world. there are a couple of reasons people come to a tent -- continue to come to bermuda. >> tourism officials gave one of lucky visitor a four-day, three- night trip to bermuda.
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>> it was a beautiful day today. 65 degrees this afternoon. 11 degrees above average for this time of year and it's still very nice. a few high and thin clouds with temperatures in the upper 50s. 58 degrees in parton and we will settle back tonight to around 40 degrees in leak most neighborhoods. these are not rain producing clouds. the nearest precipitation is -- this is a cold front that will come across to our night and into saturday morning. until then, the weather will stay is, including tomorrow. leslie clear tonight with clouds drifting by from time to time and temperatures dropping into the '30's. sun set at 7:15 and it should be a nice one.
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sunshine and clouds and 73 degrees for a high temperature. almost 20 degrees above average. 7:00 for teenagers sunrise on friday morning. the front will be approaching heading into overnight hours. there could be a couple of sprinkles saturday morning, but it will be cooler over the weekend. the next system will give us a chance for rain on monday. something special on sunday -- that equinoxes kicks in. spring begins sunday evening at 7:21. here are seven-day forecast. it should be a nice weekend. just cooler with high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. the rain will catch up with a chance for showers on monday,
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tuesday and wednesday with temperatures bouncing around all over the place. a strong cold front wednesday night with temperatures dropping off and we could be in the 40's by the end of next week. >> thank heavens for the pittsburgh pirates. they turn around and beat the pirates for the third time this spring. a crazy hot bed -- sixth and seventh home run of the spring today. he has the most home runs of any major leaguer this exhibition season. starting rotation as they beat the pirates this afternoon, 13-3 is the final. you need alex drawback or a map
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to watch the n.c.a.a. tournament. warhead state registered the first tournament and you had to answer the question where is more had located? what is kentucky? let's cut to the chase -- lewisville terence jennings cardinals up for. three points -- time is running out. they will get the ball -- but he cannot get the shot off. excellent defense. coming up for morehead, they will face ky. at the opener, facing old dominion.
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up for for butler -- with 1 minute 40 left, looking for the big man. frank inside monarchs get the bucket -- game tied at 58. andrew smith -- follows off the glass at the buzzer. old dominion goes down and butler when it 60-58. first game my pitch correctly in the office pool. 14 seconds left. one fernandez -- winning. 66, 64. undefeated the men's lacrosse team will try to run their record to a perfect 8-0. stevenson ranked no. 2 in the
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country taking on suny cortland with coverage starting at 12:30. stick around for your seven-day forecast.
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>> it no surprise that food prices have slowly been climbing, but new evidence suggested could be felt at your favorite restaurant. how the disaster in japan will affect americans, especially those who use a
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>> a beautiful day. >> it will be even better tomorrow. >> its a coincidence, is not here. 73 and cooler over the weekend. maybe a sprinkle on saturday morning. >> nbc nightly news is next.
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